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We’ve improved our residential expat products with better rates – plus, we are now able to consider applications where the applicant is paid in a specified foreign currency.

We’re offering a new 95% 5 year fixed rate deal for your clients – plus, we’ve also extended end dates on our fixed rate product range.

Mortgages with terms up to 40 years have increased by over 13% over recent years, according to Moneyfacts. How could a 40 year term mortgage benefit your client?

If your client is a mortgage prisoner or has struggled to move their mortgage to another provider, our range of like-for-like mortgages may be suitable for your client’s needs.

Is your client a budding landlord with less than three properties in their portfolio? Or maybe they’re looking to invest in their first Buy to Let property? In either case, we may be able to help.

We’ve launched a brand new self build hub, designed to be the go-to place for intermediaries looking to place self build business in England and Wales.