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Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a different galaxy for the last 2 and a half years, you’ll probably feel as exhausted as we do after what feels like an eternity of arguments, mud-slinging and fierce debate.  

Clients with an unencumbered property may be considering capital raising to fund the purchase of an additional property. Find out the three common reasons they do this.

Following updates to shared ownership deals we’ve also improved our affordability and criteria. Find out more great reasons to choose us for your shared ownership clients.

We’re reducing rates on our existing shared ownership deals up to 95% of the share and also introduced a new option for applicants seeking up to 90% of the share.

One of the common later life mortgage enquiries we get from intermediaries is for clients unable to extend their interest only facility with their current lender. Read how we’ve offered a lifeline for self employed older borrowers in this situation.

We’ve introduced a range of five year fixed rate deals especially for your clients aged 50+ and applicants seeking a buy to let or expat buy to let deal.