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Ipswich Building Society has announced its financial results for the year ending 30th November 2017, a period marked by strong mortgage growth, low risk lending and further investment in its retail branch network.

Speculation on future base rate changes unsettles the market, and can be a frustrating time for those seeking to purchase or remortgage who may wish they had a crystal ball. Whilst borrowers may see a fixed rate deal as the most suitable answer, they should not automatically write off a discount option."

Ipswich Building Society has continued to evolve its mortgage range with the introduction of a brand new shared ownership remortgage option available to direct applicants and intermediaries.

Ipswich Building Society has announced the appointment of existing Non-Executive Director Alan Harris as Chairman, effective 1st December 2017, following the retirement of Sarah Evans who joined the Board in 2008 and has been in the chair since 2013.

Ipswich Building Society has introduced an SOS mortgage range, comprising of three new credit repair products to assist those who would like to improve their credit profile and regain access to the standard mortgage market.

Professional sportpeople are, perhaps unexpectedly, the latest to be trapped within the ever-expanding bracket of the 'mortgage misfit'.