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Last Thursday, we were joined by 15 local intermediaries on a tour of the Briarbank Brewery, situated close to the Waterfront in Ipswich, and then for a meal afterwards.  

If your client is coming off the Help to Buy scheme or is looking to remortgage their shared ownership property then look no further – at Ipswich Building Society we will accept remortgage applications up to 95% LTV.

Getting your client a mortgage on a New Build property can feel like navigating a minefield – at the Ipswich we like to make things as easy as possible.

Whether your client is a budding landlord looking to make their first foray into the market or simply looking to expand their portfolio, we can help. Here's a rundown of our Buy to Let criteria and find out what we can do for your client.

We have reduced rates on a number of our discount rate products. Read more for full details.

For us “unusual business is simply business as usual”. We’re used to dealing with complex cases and we’re pleased to be helping our intermediary partners with a number of cases which need a truly individual approach.