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Whether your client is a budding landlord looking to make their first foray into the market or simply looking to expand their portfolio, we can help. Here's a rundown of our Buy to Let criteria and find out what we can do for your client.

We have reduced rates on a number of our discount rate products. Read more for full details.

For us “unusual business is simply business as usual”. We’re used to dealing with complex cases and we’re pleased to be helping our intermediary partners with a number of cases which need a truly individual approach.

Self build homes are growing in popularity, with the UK government supporting various initiatives to tackle the shortage of suitable houses. If you are new to self build mortgages and have clients looking to borrow funds to build their dream house we can help.

We offer more support than ever before for first time buyers to get on the housing ladder, from high LTV mortgages and gifted deposits to shared ownership. Find out why you should talk to us.

According to UK Finance, 2017 saw the highest number of first time buyers (365,000) since 2006. However with an increasing gap between first time buyer earnings and the amount they need to borrow many are seeking to purchase or remortgage at a high loan to value.