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Monthly Repayment Calculator

Use this handy calculator to work out the monthly repayment for a specified loan amount, product interest rate and term.

This calculator assumes that the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan, and that no fees or charges will be added. This is an indicative tool only.

5 YEAR PRODUCTS: For our range of 5 year products these will be stressed on product pay rate only. Call us on 0330 123 1073 and one of our team will check the affordability of the 5 year product for you.

Please note - this calculator does not take income multipliers into consideration.

This simple calculator is designed to give you an approximate indication of what the monthly mortgage payments would be on a repayment mortgage.

Please enter a valid value!
Amount should be between £1 to 750000
Please enter the amount without commas
Please enter a valid value!
Rate should be above 0 and below 100
Please enter a valid value!

Your monthly repayments
are likely to be around...
Please note: The results are for illustration purposes only. Reset form & recalculate